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@jjens and me (at the right) at Pitti 86

@jjens and me (at the right) at Pitti 86

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MAN 1924 SS15 Pitti Preview

By now, the outstanding label run by my friends Carlos, Jorge and Olga needs little to no introduction. From Spain to the world, they have been able to set MAN 1924 as a menswear reference for good taste and classic tailoring with a twist. Meeting with them and going over their creations is always pleasure: besides the amazing garments, they present what is arguably the best styling and layering at Pitti.

The perfectly balanced mix of casual and polished elements, brilliant pattern and texture combinations and superb use of accessories, results in an eye-catching collection that appeals to most. To top it off, a brief conversation is enough to understand their passion and the authenticity poured into each creation, as they embody this very personal style and philosophy reminiscent of the Spanish tradition. 

For SS15, the collection delivers a classic color palette focused on pastels, with the occasional navy and blue adding some contrast. Linen and lightweight cottons are abundant, as are special waxed and washed finishings spread throughout blazers, parkas and safari jackets. Their interpretation of the safari, featuring a super soft washed cotton fabric and details such as epaulets, belt and deep pockets was probably one of my favourite pieces on display at the fair.

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Tombol a nyár, így kézenfekvő volt, hogy készítsek egy a szezon legjobb időtöltéséhez illő összeállítást. Az Orlebar Brown fürdőnadrág duplán kihasználható, úszás után gyorsan megszárad és az esti vacsorán egy len inggel is ugyanolyan jól mutat. A Panama stílusú kalap örök klasszikus, melyet…